Prof d’anglais à Bastia


For more than 5 years now, I have been a primary school teacher. I had the chance to work with very young children as well as teenagers with disabilities (autism, ADHD, down syndrom, …) or facing strong social difficulties. Needless to say that both experiences are truly challenging and require to be attentive to understand, creative to captivate, flexible to adapt … But even if I had the chance to, I would never change a thing because the difficulties I met helped me to be even more kind, involved and, above all, it has been a chance to imagine and develop efficient learning strategies and/or tools.

In addition, I have always been interested by languages as far back as I can remember. So, I took advantage of each opportunity I had to travel to discover new cultures through their language(s), to learn teaching methods of foreign languages but also to teach french as second laguage.

Après une enfance passée en Afrique et plus principalement en Guinée Équatoriale et au Gabon, j’ai également eu l’opportunité de vivre et / ou travailler en Belgique, en Chine, en Pologne ou encore en Suède.

Bien au delà d’une passion, les voyages ont naturellement pris une place importante dans ma vie. Ils me nourrissent humainement et intellectuellement. Ils me permettent de porter un regard de plus en plus construit sur le monde qui nous entoure et ont initié une véritable passion pour les langues dont l’anglais.


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